your body is 
an atlas
of the world’s 
greatest discovery.
your body is 
a road map
that only shows
the way home.


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but you’ve been gone for so long I can’t remember what it feels like to fit inside your arms anymore, and suddenly it’s four o’clock in the fucking morning and I’m rummaging through your boxes trying to find a sweater that smells like home.


I still listen for you.
Almost every evening. 
Just like I used to.

It was always nice 
to end the day with you.

The coffee helps me. 
It’s as close as I can get 
to you now.

But summer has gone 
and you have gone too.

And so has the iced coffee 
with half and half. 

Now it’s just 
half good memories 
and half lonely;

I can still hear your smile 
hiding behind the words 
you were choking back;

And sometimes, 
I think I can still hear 
my phone ringing, 
muffled by the daily music mix.

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through your bedroom window
you look so sad at night
and I imagine
that I am what you need,
but realize
that’s crazy